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Do chimps and humans have a common ancestor?

The claim that chimp DNA and human DNA are 99% the same is FALSE.
The actual similarity is about 85%.

In 2001, the full human genome became available.
In 2005, the first draft chimp genome became available.
The latest chimp genome confirms a 85% similarity between chimp DNA and human DNA.
The 15% difference equates to roughly 360 million base pair differences that evolution needs to explain.
That's a massive number of mutations - all of which must change exactly the correct way - to change chimp DNA into human DNA.
Natural processes could NOT create 360 million letters of precisely coded information in the alleged 2 million year window allocated by evolution.

Missing links are still missing If apes (or chimps or monkeys or some common ancestor) evolved into humans, there should be many transitional ape-human species.

Where are the 99% ape + 1% human species? No evidence.
Where are the 98% ape + 2% human species? No evidence.
Where are the 97% ape + 3% human species? No evidence.
Where are the 96% ape + 4% human species? No evidence.
Where are the 95% ape + 5% human species? No evidence.
There is NO evidence of any ape-human transitional species.
There are 100% apes, and there are 100% humans.

Beliefs should be based on evidence.

Let's cut to the chase.

The missing links are still missing because they never existed.

Please refer to the section on Piltdown Man.

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