Haeckel's embryos drawing

Frauds used to support evolution.

(Fraud is the use of deception, to obtain an advantage.)

  • Ernst Haeckel (German biologist 1834-1919) published drawings (1868) of the very early stages of embryo development for different species.
  • Haeckel's aim, was to "prove" that different species all had the same common ancestor - i.e. evolution must be true.
  • Haeckel's drawings were exposed as fraudulent in 1874.
  • Science textbooks continue to publish them, even today. Why?

Peppered moth photo
  • The Peppered Moth: Fraud used to "prove" evolution.
  • As pollution levels increased (UK) in the 1950s, tree trunks became darker, so the darker coloured moths thrived, whereas the lighter coloured moths (easier to spot) were eaten by predators.
  • Bernard Kettlewell proudly proclaimed it, "The most striking evolutionary change ever witnessed in an organism."
  • Photos were published in textbooks as "proof" that evolution was true - and happening before our very eyes.
  1. This isn't evolution. Evolution requires some NEW feature: E.g. moths with NO eyes, need to evolve NEW eyes.
  2. There were already light & dark coloured moths within the species.
  3. Dead moths were glued to tree trunks before being photographed, as the moths are nocturnal and rest in tree canopies.

Piltdown Man photo
  • Piltdown Man: Fraud used to "prove" evolution.
  • In 1912 at Sussex, England, skull fragments were found with an ape-like jawbone nearby.
  • The discovery was announced (with great enthusiasm) as a Missing Link between apes and humans.
  • The fraud survived for more than 40 years, until closer investigation in 1953 uncovered the truth.
  • They didn't find any skeleton bones.
  • They didn't find a complete skull - just 5 cranium pieces (less than 30% of a complete skull).
  • They also found part of a jawbone, and one tooth - 7 pieces in total.
  • The lower jawbone didn't even fit the skull pieces.
  • Not able to display a photo of the 5 cranium items found.
    Please enquire with the UK Natural History Museum: www.nhmimages.com  (The 5 cranium pieces are currently displayed on their website - photo:11217.)   More information: www.nhm.ac.uk
  • How could they "prove" a Missing Link, from just 7 small bits?
  • The skull pieces had been deliberately stained to make them look "old."

Q1: If evolution is true, why is false data deliberately used to support it?

  • Evolution is an unproven conjecture (with no supporting evidence).
  • Thus, the deliberate use of fraudulent "proof."
  • Is truth important to you?

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