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Can nothing become matter?

There is no scientific evidence that nothing can become matter or energy, by itself.
Either the universe was always there, or an external source (God) brought the universe into existence and God was always there.

If the universe was always there, the sun (and the stars that give off light) would have run out of energy by now.
The sun is constantly losing energy, so if the universe was always there, the sun would have stopped shining long ago.
There would be no light from any of the stars that also give off energy - all used up.

Astronomers have observed the universe to be expanding in all directions.
Thus, the universe must have had a beginning - it was not always there.

The 1st Law of Thermodynamics rules out the universe creating itself.
The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics means the universe is winding down.
Therefore, the universe must have been wound up (created) in the beginning, by an external source (God).

Q: Where did all the energy come from, to create the universe?

Space photo To calculate the energy required to form the universe, we need to know the total mass.
The 1976 estimate of the total mass of the universe was 1041kg.
After the Hubble Space Telescope (1990), the universe was estimated to be 1053kg - one trillion times bigger (x 1012) than the 1976 estimate.

According to the energy-mass equation (E=mc2) the energy required to form matter is the mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. The speed of light ("c") is 3 x 108 metres/second. Thus, the energy required to form the universe would've been at least 1053 x 9 x 1016 = 9 x 1069 Joules.

Evolution cannot explain where all the energy originally came from. There was nothing, and it exploded? Nothing does not explode, let alone create vast amounts of matter.

HST deep space photo The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990 to gain a better understanding of the universe.
They decided to take a photo of "empty" deep space, to see if anything was there.
After taking photos (million second time-delay to capture the faintest specks of light way off in the distance) they were surprised to see what appeared to be "empty" ultra deep space, was actually jammed packed full of distant stars & galaxies.
Therefore, the pre-1990 estimate of the size of the universe, had to be increased by one trillion times (x 1012).

The universe is finite in size, but beyond our ability to measure.

The external source Who created the universe, must be God.

Answer: Matter cannot form by itself, from nothing.

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