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Why is evolution taught in science classes?

Q1: Why do many scientists believe evolution?

  • People who believe evolution to be true, are simply regurgitating what they've been taught.

  • Science is defined as: "A particular body of knowledge, obtained by systematic observation & testing."

  • Science requires observational evidence.
  • Science involves making a hypothesis, and conducting experiments to test the hypothesis.
  • Where are the experiments demonstrating evolution? There are NONE.
  • As evolution cannot be observed or tested, it is NOT science.

  • Most medical doctors were taught that stomach ulcers were caused by stress & poor diet.
    Many doctors prescribed a "holiday" to patients who had stomach ulcers.
    The "holiday" didn't cure the patient of his/her stomach ulcers.
  • Researchers in Western Australia (1982) discovered that stomach ulcers were actually caused by bacteria - not stress.
    They won a Nobel prize for their discovery of the helicobacter pylori bacteria.
  • Thus, all the medical doctors were completely WRONG about stress causing stomach ulcers.
    They had all been taught something completely FALSE.

  • There are many science people who reject evolution.

  • Can you name ANY ONE THING about evolution, that you KNOW FOR CERTAIN to be true?

Solution: Evolution is not science!

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