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Why is evolution taught in science classes?

Science is defined as: "A particular body of knowledge, obtained by systematic observation & testing."

Science is supposed to be about observational evidence.

Abiogenesis has never been observed.
Matter forming itself from nothing has never been observed.
Bacteria evolving into a hummingbird has never been observed.

A medical researcher told me, "I see bacteria evolving all the time at work."
I said to him, "You see bacteria changing into - bacteria."

A primary school teacher told me, "Given a hundred million years, bacteria will evolve into a hummingbird."
Actually, no it won't. Please explain the chemical steps to form all those NEW complex DNA codes? The scientific literature is totally silent.
(Suggested reading: Darwin's Black Box, by author Michael J Behe.)

Students are taught evolution as "fact" in primary school, high school and university. Most students never question evolution. Those students will eventually teach evolution to the next generation as "fact." Thus, evolution has become self-perpetuating, with no observational evidence.

Q: What is evolution?

Science involves testing a hypothesis, by observation & experimentation.
As evolution cannot be observed or tested, it's NOT science.

Species can change. Nobody disputes that, but dogs can only change into dogs.

Most medical doctors were taught that stomach ulcers were caused by stress & poor diet.
Many doctors prescribed a "holiday" to patients who had stomach ulcers.
The "holiday" didn't cure the patient of his/her stomach ulcers.
Researchers in Western Australia (1982) discovered that stomach ulcers were actually caused by bacteria - not stress.
They won a Nobel prize for their discovery of the helicobacter pylori bacteria.
Thus, all the medical doctors were completely WRONG about stress causing stomach ulcers.
They had all been taught something completely FALSE.

There are many scientists who reject evolution, based on the facts.

Science should invite scrutiny. However, when evolutionists are quizzed on the missing real science, they launch insults.

Can you name ONE THING about evolution, that you KNOW FOR CERTAIN to be true?

Answer: Evolution is not science!

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