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Random reproductive mistakes - mutations.

Q1: Where did all the new & coherent information come from?
Q2: How can random noise errors produce perfectly designed improvements?

Horse photo
  • DNA contains the information to build the complete living creature - like building plans.
  • The DNA of a horse contains vast EXTRA information to build eyes, ears, brain, heart, blood, legs, muscles etc.
  • The DNA of a worm lacks ALL this extra information.
  • In reality, reproduction produces a loss of useful information - not a gain.
  • This can be demonstrated easily:
    Take a single page of paper with text on it, and photocopy it.
    Take the copy just made (remove the original from the photocopier) and use this first copy to make the second copy.
    Repeat this one million times (always using the last copy - not the original each time) to make the next copy.
    Compare the one millionth copy with the original.

Q3: Which one will be better: The one millionth copy, or the original?

Answer: The original will be better. It's just common sense.
Reproduction produces at best the exact same result, or more usually a loss of useful information.

  • Evolution says that copying the DNA of a worm (e.g. a one page B&W document) will eventually produce the DNA of a horse (e.g. a multi-page full colour book).
  • Reality produces the exact opposite to what evolutionary theory says.
  • DNA errors are accumulating over time - and these errors are degrading living creatures over time. That's why we see an increase in hereditary diseases, which are steps backward - not brand new useful improvements forward.
  • Take a look at the two photos above. The DNA of the horse contains billions more pieces of useful information, compared with the DNA of the worm.
  • All that new fit-for-purpose designed information, will never arise from random noise errors by lifeless, unintelligent atoms.

Please let us know if you ever see humans born with functioning wings like a bird.

Solution: It takes External Intelligence to turn raw ingredients into functioning finished products.

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