Eclipse photo

Solar eclipse - amazing co-incidence?

Both the moon & the sun are the same size in the sky (viewed from earth).
The ratio of their diameters, compared with their distances from earth, are almost identical.
Moon: 3,476km diameter & 384,400km (average) distance from earth. (Ratio 0.0090:1)
Sun: 1,392,000km diameter & 149,600,000km distance from earth. (Ratio 0.0093:1)
The moon has an elliptical orbit, so sometimes it appears slightly larger than the sun (moon ratio: 0.0097:1), and other times slightly smaller.

Q1: How did unintelligent atoms manage to fluke this?

Solar eclipse photo Total solar eclipses occur every 18 months, when the moon completely blocks the sun.
The result is a spectacular display allowing us to see the corona of the sun for about 2 minutes.
It's all held together by gravity.

Evolution says that atoms (with no intelligence) achieved this by random chance.
As if!

Answer: "The heavens declare the glory of God!"

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