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Does information form by itself?

Everything about your physical attributes, is stored in your DNA.
DNA is an immensely complex chemical information coding system.
There is no scientific evidence that complex information codes, create themselves.

How do evolutionists explain the complexity of DNA?

Evolutionists claim reproductive mistakes (mutations) allegedly made the DNA of offspring more complex.

Richard Dawkins claims it happened very slowly with small changes over very long periods of time.
Stephen J Gould claims it happened very quickly (in sudden bursts), followed by long periods of no change (punctuated equilibrium).
Which is true? Evolutionists are not sure themselves.

Worm photo To change a garden worm into a horse, new useful genome information must be ADDED to the DNA - to give all those new features.
Worms with NO eyes, NO legs, NO lungs must somehow develop NEW eyes, NEW legs, NEW lungs etc.
Allegedly over billions of years, worms became horses (and humans allegedly evolved too) from the original lifeless pond atoms.
All it took (allegedly) were ingredients and time. No external intelligence was required.
Evolution says: Bacteria will eventually evolve into a worm, and then into a horse etc.

Inconvenient fact: Complex codes never assemble themselves.

Horse photo DNA contains the information to build the complete living creature - like building plans.
The DNA of a horse contains vast EXTRA amounts of information to build eyes, ears, brain, heart, blood, legs, muscles, etcetera, that the DNA of a worm does NOT have.

Can this NEW information arise from reproductive mistakes? No.
In reality, reproduction produces a loss of useful information - not a gain.
This is obvious. Hereditary diseases are increasing, as DNA damage is accumulating.

Here is another way of looking at it:
Take a single page of paper with text on it, and photocopy it.
Take the copy just made (remove the original from the photocopier) and use this first copy to make the second copy.
Use the second copy, to make the third copy.
Use the third copy, to make the fourth copy etc.
Always use the latest copy (not the original) to make the very next copy.
Do this one million times.
Eventually compare the one millionth copy, with the actual original.
Which one will be better? The one millionth copy, or the original?
The original will be better. It's obvious! Even ABC TV (Aust) programme Catalyst conceded that, when put to them.

Reproduction produces at best the exact same result, but more usually a loss of useful information.
Evolution says the exact opposite.
For example, evolution says that copying the DNA of a worm (e.g. a one page B&W document) will eventually produce the DNA of a horse (e.g. a thousand page full colour book).
Reality indicates a continual degradation of genome information. DNA errors are accumulating over time. These errors are degrading living creatures over time.
That's why we see an increase in hereditary diseases, which are steps backward - not brand new useful improvements forward.

Please let me know if you ever see a tree with newly evolved functioning eyes.
Please let me know, if you see a pig with newly evolved functioning wings.
Evolution can be sumarised in just 3 words: "PIGS WILL FLY."

Answer: It takes External Intelligence to turn raw ingredients into functioning finished products.

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