Brain photo

The most complicated kilogram of matter.

Q1: How did atoms (which have no intelligence) figure out how to build the human brain?
Q2: How did atoms encode all these complex brain building instructions inside DNA?

DNA image
  • Could you build a brain?
  • If you were given all the ingredient atoms to form a complete human brain from scratch, you wouldn't be able to do it.
  • Evolution says that unintelligent atoms figured it out, by themselves, by random chance!
  • If you believe evolution is true, you're saying atoms (with no intelligence) are smarter than you are. That's your worldview.

  • The more complex a product, the smarter the Manufacturer has to be, to make that product.
  • The idea that something as infinitely complex as the brain, came into existence from an explosion, is fanciful.
  • There must be infinitely smart external intelligence (God), Who designed & created the human brain.

Solution: You are smarter than atoms. Your belief in evolution is the problem.

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